Black women soldiers say new grooming regs ‘racially bias’

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Thousands of soldiers and others have signed a White House petition calling for the president to order the Army to reconsider just-released appearance and grooming regulations they contend are “racially biased” against black women.

The update to Army Regulation 670-1 was published Monday , and among the rules are clarifications for Army-appropriate hairstyles. For example, the Army does not allow twists or multiple braids that are bigger than a quarter of an inch in diameter. The reg also bans dreadlocks of any style, and cornrows must be uniform and no bigger than a quarter of an inch.

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  • Michael Blackcrest

    Anyone else remember a time, when the American military was a force to be reckoned with. Where the world would look at our fairly new nation with awe and fear with the pure strength of our military might. And Now we have this. The hair was always kept short to stop the enemy from grabbing it and slicing the throat. But since our elected leaders have made our military a joke and social experiment.( by allowing gays, and women not only be in the military but in positions of leadership) Our military has become a joke the world over. I say, Let the women wear their hair any way they want. What does it matter, since they been place in a more active role, they have done no good, other then increase the courts time with sexual harassment, prostitution, and hindering the growth and might of the military.

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