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Tree trimmer survives chainsaw to the neck

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A tree trimmer in Western PA is beyond lucky to be alive tonight after a chainsaw got stuck in his neck and shoulder!

The photo above shows the X-ray doctors took of the chainsaw that was stuck in 21 year old James Valentine.
He works for a tree service company in Ross Township.  He was cutting at an unusual angle to avoid a power line when the chainsaw kicked back and cut him.

“I just revved it up, and it kicked back out on me and nicked me right here and got stuck in me right there,” Said Valentine.
“I felt it and shut the saw off, because it was in me and it was still running. And then, I saw blood and it was just like, ‘Oh, my gosh! What in the world?”

A co-worker climbed the tree and brought Valentine down.

Doctors are amazed that the chainsaw only cut into muscle and missed all of his major arteries.