A Sunless Tan for Spring

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Infinity Skin’s Charlene Gockley answers some questions or concerns a person might have about getting their first spray tan.

Question: What is Custom Airbrush Tanning?

Charlene : It is a process of obtaining a tan from all natural products that interact with your own amino acids in your skin developing into a natural looking tan.

Question: Why would you get an airbrush spray tan?

Charlene : I think most of us would agree, we just feel better with a tan and this is a Safe alternative to UV tanning.
Before going on vacation. Attending an event, just because! Spring is coming and more skin will be exposed.

Question: How is the tan applied? Is it one of those booths?

Charlene : No, this is very personalized. In a private area I apply the solution using a machine that looks much like a hairdryer. I hold the airbrush “gun” inches from your skin so it is very custom and detailed. This is not a “booth” or tanning bed.

Question: Other products look orange, why doesn’t this product?

Charlene : Most companies use orange undertones. Our solution has brown and pink undertones. If you think about it when you are in the actual sun your skin takes on a more reddish/pink look. The bronzer, the color you initially see on the surface of the skin is made with crushed walnuts, but safe for people even with nut allergies. The DHA, which is what gives you a lasting tan, works with your own amino acids so it is going to pull your natural skin tones so it looks very natural.

Question: How should someone prepare for a spray tan?

Charlene : When showering lightly exfoliate. Do not use abrasive exfoliators with texture. This can pit the skin causing an uneven tan. It is important to use a light exfoliator or at least use a wash cloth because the Tan needs new skin cells to attach to.
Do not use lotions, powder or perfume before tanning.

Question: How do you keep the tan as long as possible?

It is important to moisturize but no lotions heavy with oils, this can remove the tan. Also lotions with an order, have perfumes in them. The alcohol from the perfume will also remove the tan. Use a water based Moisturizer!

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