Parents ask lawmakers to give their child gift of medical marijuana

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Cupcakes and cards advocating medical marijuana. That’s what the parents of a young girl with severe epilepsy delivered on Tuesday and Wednesday to lawmakers in the state Capitol. That young girl is Anna Knecht and every day is a gift for her. “Every time we kiss her goodnight we might not see her again in the morning” said Anna’s mother Deb.

Anna’s parents said the extreme seizures that she experiences could be stopped. “Her neurologist has told us that cannabis oil is our next best chance of getting these under control and that the success rates are very high” said Deb.

However using that oil is still illegal in the commonwealth, so Anna’s parents brought the debate to the lawmakers that can change that. They hand delivered the cupcakes and cards making the case for why Anna needs medical marijuana to every single state senator and representative.

“This isn’t about recreational use. It’s about medicine for these kids” said Anna’s father Mark. State Senator Mike Brubaker was one of the lawmakers that got a cupcake and card from Anna’s parents. “It’s citizens and constituents like I just met who are telling me that there is no real practical effective alternative. So those people have really caught our hearts” said Brubaker.

Brubaker said he’s now supportive of medical marijuana use, but wants doctors to have the final say as to who can have it. Senate Bill 1182 would legalize it and it does have enough support to pass in the Senate and move on to the House.

Anna’s parents said the main challenge will be getting the governor on board. “When the bill gets to his desk we’re hopeful that he’ll look at the realities of the situation, he’s a grandfather, and that he’ll do the right thing by Anna and these kids” said Mark.