Gov. Corbett: Transportation Plan to improve roads ‘immediately’

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Pothole Problems in Lancaster City

Drivers are seeing a lot of damage to the roads after this winter. Governor Tom Corbett says we can expect improvements right away as he outlined new projects in the Transportation Plan, at a press conference in Harrisburg on Thursday.

Crews will begin work on more than 100 repair and reconstruction projects in our region for 2014 – starting this month. New transit projects will mostly not start until the third year of the plan, once resurfacing and repairs are done.

“This winter put an exclamation point on why the Governor and I were pushing for this,” says Transportation secretary Barry Schoch. “You’re seeing the results of years of underinvestment in paving, in a very harsh winter, right now, occur across the Commonwealth.”

Higher fees went into effect for drivers April 1st to help pay for it, in addition to the higher gas tax on Jan. 1st. By the fifth year of the plan, the average Pennsylvania driver will pay about $2.50 more per week in additional taxes.

But the Governor says drivers will see the “burden” of the taxes are worth it.

“Isn’t it a burden when you have a flat tire from a pothole?” he says. “Isn’t it a burden when you have to replace the alignment in your car from that… This is, in the grand scheme of things, a bargain.”

Officials say we should expect to see road crews at work on repairs immediately. Here is a list of roads slated for repair in our region this year:


South Central PA – Transportation action list for 2014
• Adams County:
o Route 34 “South Main Street” Bridge — $1 million
o Route 116 “Hanover Road” Resurfacing — $1.5 million
o State Route 3002 “Mason Dixon Road” Bridge — $1 million

• Cumberland County
o State Route 2021 “Wesley Drive” Resurfacing — $2.2 million

• Dauphin County
o Route 230 “Harrisburg Pike” Resurfacing — $2.2 million
o Interstate 283 Resurfacing — $5.2 million
o State Route 1014 “Specktown Road” Bridge — $625,000
o State Route 2043 “School House Road” Bridge — $1 million
o State Route 3009 “Front Street” Resurfacing — $2.3 million

• Franklin County
o Route 16 “Buchanan Trail East” — $3.8 million
o Interstate 81/Leitersburg Road bridges — $2 million

• Lancaster County
o Route 41 “Newport Road” Resurfacing — $1.4 million
o Route 222 Resurfacing — $4.5 million
o Route 271 Bridge over Route 283 — $1 million
o Route 283 Resurfacing — $8.5 million
o State Route 1040 “Colonel Howard Boulevard” — $1 million
o State Route 4020 “Harrisburg Pike” Resurfacing — $2.2 million
• Lebanon County
o Route 72 “Ebenezer Road” Resurfacing — $1.7 million
o State Route 1020 “Lickdale Road” Bridge — $680,000

• Perry County
o Route 17 “Sunbury Path” Resurfacing — $2.6 million
o Route 274 “Market Street” Bridge in Duncannon — $1.1 million
o State Route 3009 “Iron Bridge Road” Bridge — $1.1 million
• York County
o Interstate 83 Resurfacing in Newberrytown Area — $3.9 million
o Route 194 Resurfacing — $2.9 million
o Route 216 “Sticks Road” Bridge — $1 million
o State Road 2035 “Richmond Road” Bridge — $1 million
o State Route 4014 “Harmony Grove Road” Bridge — $650,000
o State Route 4038 “Meadow View Road” Bridge — $750,000


• District-wide Bridge Repair Contract
o Repair 20 bridges — $8 million
 In Adams County: SR 2006 over Plum Creek, SR 3011 over Little Marsh Creek, SR 4008 over Conewago Creek, SR 4008 over Pleasantdale Creek, and SR 4014 over Conewago Creek
 In Cumberland County: Route 34 over Mountain Creek and Route 34 over Yellow Breeches Creek
 In Dauphin County: SR 2007 over Conewago Creek
 In Franklin County: SR 1004 over Conococheaque Creek, SR 3009 over Licking Creek, and SR 3009 over West Branch of Conococheaque Creek
 In Lancaster County: Route 501 over Hammer Creek, Route 741 over Amtrak, Route 999 over Little Conestoga Creek, SR 1901 over Conestoga River, and SR 4040 over Chickies Creek
 In Lebanon County: SR 1009 over Little Swatara Creek
 In Perry County: Route 74 over Big Buffalo Creek and Route 233 over Montour Creek
 In York County: SR 3046 over SR 182 & North Branch of Codorus Creek

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