Man shot in the neck in downtown York

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A man was taken to the hospital after being shot in the neck Thursday afternoon in the 100 block of Hamilton Avenue. Police said the suspect targeted the person he shot and that it was not random. Multiple shell casing markers lined the streets where the shots were fired around 1PM. Police have yet to identify the victim and there is no word on his condition.

Police found a gun on the scene which was taken into evidence. Police also said they pulled someone from a home off of North Beaver Street and took that person into questioning. Dozens of neighbors watched as police searched for evidence. Stephanie Fink was one of them. “I was at my house and I heard a round of shots going off and then I heard a single shot from a different gun an I ran through my living room and I ran out back and I saw somebody running through the park. This isn’t the first time and now that it’s broad daylight and kids could have been outside today. It’s a beautiful day out and we’re lucky that no one got hurt that way” said Fink.

Fink said she would like to move her daughters to a different neighborhood, but that it’s too expensive. Some neighbors also said they heard gunshots on Wednesday night, but police did not confirm if the two incidents were connected.