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Food trucks gear up for Foodstruck Festival in York

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Food trucks from across the commonwealth are gearing up for next weeks annual Foodstruck Festival in downtown York. Henry Swartz, of Lancaster, is one of the food truck owners getting ready. Swartz used to sell air conditioners, but then he got laid off. “It was a blessing in disguise” said Swartz.

After getting a loan from his mom last year he started Baron Von Schwein, a food truck that sells smoked meat sandwiches. “It’s become my passion and growing it has really become the next step” said Swartz. That’s why he’s taking part in the Foodstruck Festival, which drew roughly 2,000 people in the rain last year. Swartz smoked roughly 600 pounds of meat for this years event, but that’s not all he’s serving.

The spicy pork buns will also be sold and are one of their signature dishes. Swartz said they’re making roughly 1,200 of them for the festival and each one has a spicy kick. The kind of kick that Swartz wants to share with as many people as possible, which is why he’s trying something new this year. “Go through the crowd with a food product, which would be our pork buns, and actually sell to the line while they’re in line waiting to get food” said Swartz.

Swartz said he’s planning to open a shop on Market Street in York and he’s grateful for the support, especially from mom. “I’m pretty sure she’s happy and proud of where things are going. And I get to see her pretty often so she always asks me how things are going, giving me menu advice. Things like that, telling me to keep it organic” said Swartz. With a loving family behind him Swartz said the sky is the limit for his business.