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Former president of Ruffnecks youth baseball accused of stealing $20k

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The former president and treasurer of the Mason-Dixon Ruffnecks youth baseball organization is accused of stealing over $20,000 from the non-profit organization. Matthew Spangler, 43, of Spring Grove, is accused of using a large sum of the money to fund his own business venture, Gold Glove Sports Academy. State Police were called when the missing funds were noticed by the organization. Investigators say Spangler took the money without the knowledge or approval from the Mason Dixon Ruffnecks Board of Directors. They say Spangler also made numerous transactions with the organization’s debit/credit card for his own personal use. Thousands of additional dollars were found missing by the Ruffnecks due to Spangler allegedly manipulating individual team budget sheets.

Spangler is charged with theft by unlawful taking and theft by failure to make required disposition of funds received.


  • Amy

    I have to comment on behalf of Matt Spangler. I know the family very well as I do the ruffnecks organization and I have to say I think it’s very tasteless for the organization to put this out to the public. Let’s not forget all the good Matt has done for these teams. Did he make a bad decision? Absolutely. But it wasn’t done on bad intentions nor was it done in malice. It was simply a dumb decision. He’s doing everything he can to rectify the situation and he has taken responsibility in holding himself accountable. There’s no news article confirming all the countless hours he has put in away from his family, away from other obligations or of his own leisure time to do what it takes for the organization. No one ever acknowledges all the “behind the scenes” work it takes to make something successful. It’s sad to say as humans, we are so quick to jump on the negative rather than the positive. That being said, I ask that before you pass any judgment on Matt, remember all the things he’s done that nobody else wanted to step up to the plate to do.
    Matt, you have our support. Your a good man! Keep your head held high knowing who you are!!!

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