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Proposed minimum wage hike could harm business for restaurants

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Some state lawmakers are proposing a minimum wage and tipped minimum wage hike of $12 an hour. Making it illegal for businesses to pay tipped workers below minimum wage.

“Every time the minimum wage has gone up the job reports the following year were at a ten year high so I think it’s going to create economic development, and people are going to make more money and spend more money and Pennsylvania needs to be a leader,” says Sen. Mike Stack, (D) 5th District

But one restaurant owner says the hike could put her business in jeopardy. The owner of Rachel’s Cafe and Creperie in Lancaster says if the hike went into effect she couldn’t afford to pay her employees. And because she wouldn’t be able to run her business without them she says would be forced to raise her prices.

” It’d be reflective in our prices and that would be on the customers to then have to take on that burden and that’s not fair to them either,” says Adams

Adams says she thinks the minimum tipped wage which sits at $2.83 should be raised but, that $12 is too high and not practical.



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