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National work-zone awareness week

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It’s National Work-Zone Awareness Week, and officials with the Pennsylvania Turnpike have one message to drivers; slow down.

Just last week a Pennsylvania Turnpike worker was seriously hurt when a tractor trailer slammed into the truck he was working in.

That’s just one of the instances where a life was put on the line because of careless driving in a work zone.

33 Pennsylvania Turnpike employees lost their lives while performing their duties on the road over the years.

Turnpike Chief Executive, Mark Compton doesn’t want to make it 34.

“Many work-zone accidents happen in what we call transition areas this is where the traffic merges to fizzle down into one lane and these transition areas it`s common to see cars in the left lane accelerating to skip ahead – ask yourself what do we gain by skipping ahead?” says Turnpike Chief Executive, Mark Compton.

Not only is it illegal, but state troopers will be there to catch you.

Troopers will be monitoring work-zone speeds with a radar inside the work-zone, and another officer will be waiting outside the work-zone to pull over any driver who is not obeying the law.

After a rough winter, the commission has 62 roadway and brdige construction projects planned for this year.

It’s an investment of $1.3 billion dollars, with one priceless message.

“So our message to motorists today is simple be alert and obey workzone signs as for all motorists we will be operating vehicles near many women perhaps only feet within workers who are also fathers and daughters and sons so we ask you to please be cautious when you’re out on the roadway,” says Compton.

Fines for speeding and other violations double in work-zones.