Police charge 17 year old for giving a 13 year old a tattoo in Lebanon County

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The Pennsylvania State Police have charged a 17 year old for giving a 13 year old a tattoo in a private home in Jonestown, Lebanon County. Angela Burian works at Hallows Eve Tattoo in Palmyra and can understand why someone would decide to get inked at a young age. She got her first tattoo at 14 years old. “My mom was totally against the whole idea of me getting tattoos, but she eventually got over it. She kind of had to” said Burian.

She said she doesn’t regret getting tattooed. She got some of her artwork done at Hallows Eve Tattoo, which is owned by artist Bill Atkinson. He holds his work to a high standard and keeps a copy of New York’s laws in his store. That’s because he said there are no laws or state agencies that regulate tattoos in Pennsylvania. A spokesperson with the Department of Health confirmed that Pennsylvania does not regulate tattoo parlors.

Dermatologist Abby Jacobson said you can get AIDS or Hepatitis C if the needles are dirty and the decision to get a tattoo can be a lifetime choice. “We do have laser tattoo removal but it doesn’t always catch certain colors, it doesn’t go to the depth that’s required, especially for an amateur tattoo” said Jacobson.

As for Burian, she said there’s no harm in holding off. “I know if I had waited to get a lot of my tattoos they would be a lot nicer, they would have been something that meant a little bit more to me” said Burian. The state police did not release the identity or charges of the teens involved in this latest incident. Troopers are asking parents to check their kids for tattoos and get them medically examined if they have them.


  • Ed L

    Sorry, but I view you as being a pig. I cannot stand it when beautiful girl decides to mare her beauty with tattoos. It's senselss. As far as I'm concerned, it makes you flithy! I wouldn't want you around me. Go ahead everyone, jump all over me for saying that but, I am entitled to my beliefes as well as you. Nothing you can say will ever change my mind.

  • Chucky Choadly

    You’re right everyone is entitled to their opinion but why be nasty about it? Not only is Angie a beautiful young woman her personality is awesome! I find that people who judge a book by its cover are nearly always dead wrong! Guys who don’t find her extremely sexy are insecure, microphallic and should become asexual beings….just my opinion

  • a concerned mom

    I have to say heads up to the police esp since pa has no tattoo laws!! Nj does and my local cops called me a over reacting parent!! My 15 year old daughter was tattooed by her unlicensed dad's girlfriend in his not properly sterilized apartment!! And I had it all on video cause they did it in front of my 10 & 11 year old!! But on this subject the first comment you have no right to bash her you don't know her!! And she even said waiting is a better option for more meaningful tattoos!! Read it all before you bash!! And you can have tattoos and be beautiful btw!! I just am a firm believer that you wait til your 18 like my parents made me!!! And if not be responsible go to a professional shop !!!

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