College students want to ban Michael Vick from their campus

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vickSUNY Cortland students started a petition on the website to ban quarterback Michael Vick from practicing on campus.

Vick’s new team, the New York Jets,  trains on Cortland’s campus over the summer. The petition says Vick’s participation in dog fighting should not be forgotten. The quarterback served 19 months in prison after pleading guilty.

The petition has more than 76 hundred people have signed it.

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  • karen henneberg

    Kudos to the school petitioning to ban Michael Vick from being permitted on their campus. I am so tired of hearing people say “he did his prison time, move on” & “he is sorry & regrets the illegal dog fighting he was involved in”. He is ONLY sorry he got caught. Does everyone forget those poor animals that we abused, injured, & ultimately killed? I would not want a person in my child’s school capable of such violent activities in their spare time. The NFL should have banned his return as well!

    • karen henneberg


      • Chris

        First Vick is not an Eagle anymore so Eagles fans couldn't care less. 2nd look at what Donte Stallworth did killing a man on the street by drinking and driving and he got off with probation and some CS. I agree what Vick did was wrong but it does state "The one of you without sin cast the first stone". Forgive don't forget. I am not condoning what he did at all but this is why we find criminals back in prison all the time is when they get back out noone wants to give them a second chance and they end up back in the crime life due to those are the only people willing to accept them back into society. And I am sorry but what Stallworth did was much worse. If you disagree and think they are the same then you are valuing an animals life to the same as a humans. If thats the case don't eat anything because you might be taking a chance of hurting a living creature somewhere. Vick did his time and is a funtional member of society committed to makeing sure his errors never happen again

  • Deb

    True he is ONLY sorry he got caught. No one who did the things he did could be rehabilitated. He is a lowlife POS. The NFL should never have taken him back. Money seems to control their moral conscience. Pitiful.

  • Larry Mainor

    Vick has paid his debt. What else do he have to do. I don’t think it is about what he did. It is about what he is. Why can’t you fine something in school to do other then messing with Vick. Study your books try as hard to make the Dean’s Lust as hard as you are messing with Vick you will make it Ten fold. Get A LIFE!

    • karen henneberg

      He “paid” his debt to society because he HAD to!!! Those student have every right both legally & morally to petition to not want that POS on their campus!

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