Dauphin County girl gets much needed adaptive bike

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Three-year-old Langston Stumpf was in a competition for a much needed adaptive bike.  She didn’t win the contest but after hearing about her story, a Cumberland County boy and his family decided they wanted to help out.

Langston lives with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. A few weeks ago FOX43 sat down with Langston and her mother Erica to talk about the contest she entered so that Langston could get an adaptive bike. She grew out of her walker, and her mother wanted to give her back her mobility.

“ It’s really hard for her to thrive and move around so with having an adaptive bicycle it’s something she could do at home and outside. And interact with kids her own age as well,” says Erica Stumpf, Langston’s mom

Langston didn’t win the contest but, five-year-old Ethan saw her story and wanted to help.

“ I said we have to get her that bike right away” says Ethan

He and his parents surprised Langston and bought her the bike. Giving her the chance to play outside, and make a new friend.

“ Today when we met Ethan I was really happy because I was always worried no one would want to be her friend, and then I met Ethan and he was so nice to her and to do this for her makes a difference in her life,” says Stumpf

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  • Ed L

    It's a shame one else took the time to praise this story. Is this what human kind has come to? About some of the people reading this article, look into their hearts and see how they could help someone in the community. I'm going to try it myself. Bless Ethan!

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