Police charge man with kidnapping and raping young girl

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Police have charged Robert Yeager with kidnapping and raping a 7-year old girl. Yeager, from Paradise Township, is accused of taking the girl through the window of the trailer home she was living in at the time. Police said he covered her eyes and mouth and took her to a nearby trailer where he raped her. Nancy Herman is Yeager’s aunt and was shocked when she heard the news, but not sympathetic. “It can’t go unpunished. It can’t go unpunished because that little girl was innocent” said Herman.

The Northern York County Regional Police Department was in charge of the investigation. The rape allegedly happened on June 24th of last year. Police said the victim went to the hospital and provided DNA evidence. On December 6th police got a warrant to get a sample of Yeager’s DNA, who was being held in jail on an unrelated charge. The DNA collected from Yeager matched the DNA taken from the victim. Police also said the victim identified a tattoo of Yeager’s out of a line-up.

On April 2nd of this year Yeager was formerly charged with rape of a child, kidnapping, and making terroristic threats. “Not only has he ruined his life, I think he’s ruined hers. How is she going to forget this? There’s no magic drug, no magic cure to make her forget what happened to her” said Herman.

Yeager was already being held in the York County Prison when the charges were filed. He is still being held there without bail. A preliminary hearing has been set for May 7th. Meanwhile Yeager’s aunt is praying for the victim. “The whole family feels horrible for her. None of his family is saying that he should not be punished” said Herman.


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