Six Greyhounds jet set from Florida to Central PA in search of a permanent home

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They’re competitive, fast and calm by nature.  Now, six retired racing greyhounds are looking for a permanent home.  The flight full of hounds arrived at the Lancaster Airport, in Lancaster County Thursday afternoon.  They’ve been placed with two local greyhound rescue groups.  It’s part of a the Brave Tide Foundation’s 2014 Capital Campaign entitled, “Saving Lives, One Flight at a Time.”  The goal is for agencies to rescue and relocate animals.

Janice Matthews is the President of Personalized Greyhounds, Inc.  She says, “We work with tracks that will keep the dogs in their holding kennels.  So the dogs if they weren’t adopted will stay at the kennel. There are still what we call kill tracks, where if dogs are not found homes, they are euthanized.”

Personalized Greyhounds is a local non-profit organization dedicated to finding permanent homes for retired racing greyhounds.

In addition, Brave Tide Foundation is the organization that actually conducts the aerial transports of the greyhounds. The foundation’s president and pilot, Jason Hilt, reaches out to greyhound adoption groups in the local area and in Florida (and other locations) to arrange for the transport of the animals. Jason conducts the flight missions.

If you are interested in adopting a greyhound, contact Personalized Greyhounds.

For more information, contact, Brave Tide Foundation.


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  • Cheryl

    Thank you for covering this event for Personalized Greyhounds and for your assistance in finding homes for these wonderful dogs! Nice job!

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