Lemoyne Mayor shot with Taser while kids watched

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Mayor Larissa York of Lemoyne, Cumberland County wanted to bring teens out to the West Shore Regional Police Department to teach them about public safety.

Police officers hope more young people will come to them about safety issues and be their “eyes and ears.”

“The more eyes and ears we have on the street, the better it is to help solve crimes and prevent crimes,” says Chief Michael Hope.

But they needed a “must-see” event to bring teens and kids out on a Friday night.

The chief suggested a Taser gun – with the mayor as its target.

“They have to know what it’s like, they get Tased during their training, so I figured, I better do it,” says York. “I’m nervous.”

The kids had a tour. They got to see a police car, forensic unit and more. Then it was time for the big event.

An officer explained the Taser gun to the kids, and the mayor told them she wanted them to see it and remember they would never want to be in that position.


Then she was hit with the two darts, shocked powerfully for five long seconds. The Taser gun makes all of the target’s muscles contract and freeze.  The mayor went down to the ground.

“It was forever, took forever!” she said afterwards. “Can’t believe that was only five seconds.”

“From what I see a lot, there’s teens that don’t even care, they do stuff they’re not supposed to,” says one high school student who attended the event. York hopes more teens get the message.

“I’m glad that they got to see it, I’m glad I know what it’s like now, I’m glad I did it,” York says.

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