Two charged in stabbing of Loss Prevention employee at Park City Center

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Two alleged shoplifters face charges in connection with a knife attack on a Loss Prevention Employee at Park City Center.  City police responded to a call at about 1:30 pm to Boscov’s Park City store where Loss Prevention employees were holding two shoplifters. Before officers could arrive on the scene one of the male suspect produced knife. He stabbed the employee on the hand and then he and the female fled on foot.

The first officers began to arrive on the scene. After seeing that the employee was being taken care of, they pursued the suspects. The female was apprehended after a short chase. Other officers spotted the male suspect running across a parking lot and back inside Park City. Converging police caught up with the suspect in a common area outside J.C. Penney without further incident.

Witnesses positively identified the suspect who taken to police headquarters in downtown Lancaster. The knife used in the assault was also recovered. Witnesses told police that the suspects had been confronted regarding thefts from multiple retailers in Park City. When the male suspect produced the knife and cut the employee, he then held the knife to the employees throat and threaten to harm again. The male told the female to collect the loot that had been confiscated. The female put the loot into her purse.

The suspects are identified as Noel Israel-Negron, 35, Lancaster and Kriste L. McManus, 40, of Marietta.  Israel-Negron is charged with Retail Theft, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Terroristic Threats and Criminal Conspiracy. Charges against McManus include Retail Theft, Robbery, and Criminal Conspiracy

The Loss Prevention employee was treated for lacerations on at least two fingers of his right hand. There other injuries were reported.


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