Repair and resurfacing project getting underway on Camp Hill Bypass

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A repair and resurfacing project gets underway Sunday night for the Camp Hill Bypass in eastern Cumberland County. The Camp Hill Bypass is actually two different state routes. The first is State Route 1014 that extends from the Harvey Taylor Bridge in Wormleysburg to the 21st Street intersection in East Pennsboro Township. 16,378 vehicles travel on this portion of the bypass on a daily basis. The other state route in the Camp Hill Bypass is Route 11/15 that extends from the 21st Street intersection to the interchange with Route 581 in Camp Hill Borough. This portion of the bypass carries nearly 19,000 vehicles on a daily basis. The overall project extends nearly 2.7 miles from the Harvey Taylor Bridge to 32nd Street in Camp Hill.


Motorists and residents are advised that the construction work will take place mainly during the overnight hours, between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. when they are likely to encounter single-lane traffic restrictions. Starting on Sunday night, April 13, construction crews will begin tree trimming and drainage work. The contractor intends to work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights this week. The following weeks, the contractor intends to work 10-hour shifts, Monday through Thursday nights. During the course of the project, the contractor can work during the day on the section between the Harvey Taylor Bridge and 21st Street, but no lane restrictions are permitted between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. so as not to impact the morning commute, or between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. for the afternoon commute.


There will be times when the ramp from southbound Route 11/15 to the bypass at the 21st Street intersection will be closed for construction work. Message boards will be activated several days in advance to alert motorists to these closures before they occur, and a detour will direct motorists around the closure.


PennDOT has contracted with J.D. Eckman, Inc. of Atglen, Pennsylvania, to conduct the roadway improvement at a cost of $1,823,879. The resurfacing involves applying Novachip to the pavement, which is a thin application of liquid asphalt emulsion and a single layer of stone, coated with asphalt. The purpose of this Novachip application is to seal the pavement from water and extend the life of the pavement. The project also includes updates to the guiderail in the area and curbing to comply with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). The overall completion date in the contract with J.D. Eckman is early February 2015, though the work is expected to finish much sooner.


Source: PennDOT

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