Rock Lititz business campus to bring jobs and added benefits to Warwick Township

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Nestled in the farmlands of Lancaster County, there’s a hub of live entertainment production companies in the Warwick Township and Lititz area.

Now, an entire business campus focused around the industry is under construction. The 96 acre Rock Lititz business campus will be home to the Rock Lititz Studio, a premier production rehearsal facility,  and other tenants from the industry. The studio is the first of its kind in the country, a place where production crews on concert tours can come and rent out space solely for production rehearsals. The studio and the other tenants on campus are expected to bring hundreds of jobs to Warwick Township.

“ We`re excited about the economic impact in the end state there is potential for hundreds of new jobs. We`re also excited about the impact for local vendors so it will really impact anywhere from hospitality to manufacturing as well as the growth on the campus,” says Andrea Shirk, program manager with Rock Lititz

The project has other added benefits as well. Through transferable development rights the project will pay for the township to preserve 15 to 17 farms.

“ The developer has certain things he`s looking for, the municipality has certain things it’s looking for, and when we can mix those ideas and come to a consensus of what we can do for each other I think that’s always positive,” says Dan Zimmerman, Warwick Township Manager

The Rock Lititz Studio will be ready by the end of the summer. While other tenants will start building on campus over the next few years. It will be a few months before the businesses begin the hiring process.