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Lancaster County school district wants to put a stop to cyber bullying outside of school

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A Lancaster County school district is looking to combat cyber bullying outside of the school day. The Pequea Valley School District is proposing a revamped student policy that would allow the district to get involved if the bullying affects the school day.

“I think anytime a child or an adult gets behind a keyboard we call it keyboard muscles you get behind a keyboard and you get a little more confidence because you’re not face to face with somebody,” says Erik Orndorff, Superintendent, Pequea Valley School District

The proposed addition to the policy states that this type of ” off campus or after hours ” cyber bullying would have to ” materially or substantially interfere with the education process”. Orndorff says while they wouldn’t be able to discipline the students, they would be able to get involved.

“ We could at least help the family get to law enforcement. Or, we could mediate. Say, you’re in this corner you’re in that corner let’s work through this. Anything we can do to help our students and community we try to do, “ says Orndorff

The school board is expected to vote on this new policy on May 6TH.



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    Don't let your kids do social media, it's not mandatory for kids to have those pages. There's plenty of things to do otherwise.

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