Runaway Juvenile missing since January

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Juvinile Martinez

Carlisle Police Department is still looking for runaway  juvenile female named Destiny Martinez.

On January 29, 2014 officials took a report of a runaway juvenile female. To this date, Martinez had not returned home.

Police say she has had contact with her mother but refuses to return home. Martinez recently turned 17 years old and police have good reason to believe she is staying with friends in the York and Harrisburg areas.

Anybody found to be assisting or housing Martinez will be arrested for interfering with the custody of the child.

Anybody with information about Martinez’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Carlisle Police Department at 717-243-5252.

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  • kidsneedtogrowup

    OK, she has been in contact with her mom…. #1 I doubt she has the money or knows to use a burn phone. So that can be traced. #2 I doubt she knows how to hide or alter her IP address if contacting occured on the computer, that can be traced. #3 If using snail mail (USPS) I doubt she would take the effort to go to another place so the post mark didnt match the town/city she is actually in….. so come on now, how is she still missing??????

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