York teen suspended for asking Miss America to prom

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When Miss America visited York County Thursday night, one Central York High School senior decided to ask her to his prom.

Senior Patrick Farves made his request while Miss America Nina Davuluri visited the school during an assembly.

But now he’s suspended, because a school official warned him that making the request was not appropriate. Farves had announced his plan in class, and once the rumor spread, Farves said the administrator pulled him aside beforehand to tell him not to do it.

But Farves says he couldn’t resist, so he went up to the stage during the assembly to ask Davuluri to be his prom date. Another student captured the moment on camera.

“She just kind of laughed and I gave her the little flower I got,” Farves says.  “And I went up and I gave her the flower and asked her if I could get a selfie with her. And she was like maybe later, and I never got the selfie.”

Farves is serving three days of in-school suspension. Central York School District says it’s not their practice to discipline a student for asking someone to a dance. But they work to “ensure rules are followed within our schools.”

“For prom I’m probably just, I don’t know I might just go alone,” says Farves. “Maybe, I don’t know, it depends on if I ask anyone.”



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