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Susquehanna Township School Board approves superintendent’s resignation

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The Susquehanna Township School Board held their first public meeting since Superintendent Susan Kegerise filed a $6 million dollar lawsuit against the district and three of its board members. On Monday night, the board accepted her resignation.

Kegerise didn’t formally resign–but the board said they take the language in her lawsuit as a voluntary choice to resign.

Kegerise’s lawsuit claims the district created a hostile work environment and violated her rights under the Public School Code and her contract by constructively terminating her employment. Kegerise claims that  she was subjected to physical intimidation, verbal abuse and faced racial and sex discrimination by school board members.

The school board says they have no comment on the lawsuit– but that they felt those in the district deserved to know her state of employment.

Students and community members expressed their concerns with the lawsuit at Monday nights meeting–and their hopes for the future.

“$6 million dollars from our schools…an educator is supposed to do their jobs for the benefits of the students and district it honestly sickens me that this has been filed,” Britta Long, a student, said.

“I think our best days are still ahead of us as a district and I think we have that confidence…I think we all have that expectation and that hope,” Peter Speaks said.

This is just the latest in a series of issues for the troubled district. Former  Susquehanna Township High School Assistant Principal Shawn Sharkey is facing criminal charges after he allegedly had sexual contact with a student. A grand jury report criticized how the administration handled the sexual assault investigation involving the ex-assistant principal.

Mark Sussman–one of the board members listed in the lawsuit–released a statement regarding the lawsuit saying that this was just another bullying tactic against the board and the district by Kegerise.

There was no word on her replacement.