American civilians with ties to Cumberland County company killed in Afghanistan

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3 American civilians are dead after a gunman opened fire at a hospital in the capital of Afghanistan and the victims all have ties to a company based in Lemoyne, Cumberland County. A father and son were killed in the attack at the Cure Hospital in Kabul. The third victim was a doctor from Chicago, Jerry Umanos, who had been working in Afghanistan for nearly a decade.

The gunman has been identified as an Afghan security guard who was responsible for the hospital’s safety. The gunman shot himself after the attack, but survived and was treated at Cure Hospital before being turned over to the Afghanistan Government who have him in custody.

Cure International owns the hospital where the attack happened. The company’s Chief Financial Officer, Mark Knecht, spoke in Lemoyne, Cumberland County where the company is headquartered. He did not say whether they will change practices or reduce their workforce, but did affirm their commitment to help. “At this time the investigation is ongoing and we are working closely with authorities. CURE International remains committed to serve the people of Afghanistan” said Knecht.

Colleagues of Doctor Umanos spoke about the friend they lost. “He was, as for many of us on staff, the pediatrician for our very own children” said Cure International’s Chief Clinical Officer Bruce Rowell. “We have lost a dear friend. Our clinic is grieving right now. Our hearts are broken. So we ask that you pray for his family” said the company’s Chief Ministry Officer James Brooks.

This attack is the second time this month that an Afghan security guard has targeted foreign civilians.


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