Pothole problems getting new attention in Harrisburg

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Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse and public works crews unveiled some new equipment Thursday the city plans to purchase to help address potholes.

Crews used a “sinkloader” Thursday afternoon to repair potholes on the 2200 block of Berryhill Street.

“In the past, all we have been doing is taking the asphalt and patching the holes. That’s all we’ve been doing. And, that’s why it comes up as quickly as it does,” said Aaron Johnson, director of public works.

Johnson said the city is testing the sinkloader for two weeks, with plans to purchase it after that. He said the machine plus a milling attachment will cost about $60,000. Mayor Papenfuse said the purchase was included in the budget.

Residents who live on the block being repaired Thursday said they’ve noticed potholes in the road for at least a decade, with little work done to fix the problems.

“They kept coming and just filling them, and it was just getting bad the next day again. And, I’m happy they tore it up and they did it right,” said Heather Elliott.

Residents living along N. 15th Street have been noticing worsening problems with potholes as well. Mayor Papenfuse said the repairs needed on that street are considered major, but he expects work in that neighborhood to begin this summer.

Papenfuse said he met with PennDOT officials Thursday to discuss how about $2 million will be spent resurfacing roads throughout the city. Papenfuse said the city will match half that amount.

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