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Man charged with stalking woman in York County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A York County man faces charges for allegedly stalking a woman. On April 21, Northern York County Regional Police responded to a call of a man parked in a vehicle using binoculars apparently looking in the direction of the Dover Elementary School.

Police located the suspicious car at a convenience store in Dover. The driver was identified as Thomas Allar, 68, of Yoe.  At first Allar concocted a phony a story for his action. He later admitted that he had been spying on a woman who lived in the area.

Inside Allar’s vehicle police found a magnetic GPS tracking system, binoculars, latex gloves, plastic wrap and 6 pages of print outs of a vehicle location and handwritten notes.

Allar told police that he had met the woman at a book store in York in 2013. The two had lunch several times, but the woman ended the relationship. Sometime in early April, allar said that he installed the GPS tracking system on the woman’s car to track her movement and to see if she was dating another man. He removed the device from her vehicle on April 17.

Officers located the woman safe at her home. She admitted that she did in fact go out with Allar for several lunches. She had no idea that Allar was following her and tracking her movements via the GPS device.

Charges against Allar include Harassment, Stalking, Wiretapping, Possession of Wiretapping Equipment and Possession of Instruments of Crime. Police say their investigation continues.


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