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Neighbors in Harrisburg frustrated with alleged cat hoarder

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People living in one Harrisburg neighborhood say they’ve had it with a neighbor who they say hoards cats.    The Harrisburg City Codes Administrator Dave Pitton says they’ve cited the woman living in the home on Manada Street four times. They’ve also deemed the home uninhabitable and say she’s done nothing to clean it up. Her neighbors say they’ve counted about 60 cats coming in and out of the house and that the smell is unbearable.

“ It’s really bad in the house we can’t have people over because the cat smell is so strong. Often times the cats will die and we’ll smell dead cats which is worse than cat urine or cat feces, “ says Gloria Skorija, of Harrisburg

Pitton says the woman is now facing a misdemeanor charge that they are hoping gets her to clean up if not, she could be facing jail time. Both the city and neighbors say they just want to see this woman get help.

“ She’s refused any kind of help. We had someone ready to take care of the cat situation but she doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong. She feels like it’s acceptable to live that way and it has put us in a precarious situation, “ says Pitton