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Gas prices on the rise

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Gas pumps







Gas prices are on the rise again and AAA forecasts that they’ll continue climbing for the next week.

Gas prices tend to spike in the spring. An AAA report notes that refineries are required to change to summer-blends of gas by May 1. So many of them go down for maintenance now, which drives prices up. AAA says they will rise about 10 cents more before leveling off.

The average price in Pennsylvania is $3.72 a gallon.

“I can’t afford to fill my tank up,” says Lonie Perkins of Dover Township, York County. “It takes about $60 to $65  to fill this up. I just can’t do it. I’ll put $10 to $20 in every now and then but that’s it.”

You can compare gas prices in central PA at Gas Buddy. In the York area alone, there’s about a 30-cent difference between the lowest and highest prices.


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