Dover woman tries to crawl into drive-thru window, urinates in McDonald’s parking lot

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A Dover woman is arrested after police say she tried to crawl through a drive-through window and then urinated in the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurant. It happened just around 12:10am Sunday at the McDonald’s on the 3100 block of Carlisle Road in Dover Township.

Witnesses told police Tammy Dawn Clement, 30, of the first block of North Main Street in Dover, walked up to the drive through window of the restaurant.  After being told that they do not serve walk up customers, Clement attempted to crawl into the drive-through window.  After her efforts were thwarted, Clement then pulled down her pants and urinated in the parking lot.

Clement fled across the street to a convenience store when police officers arrived. Police found her in the women’s restroom of the store.  She was taken into custody after a brief struggle.  During the encounter, police say Clement spit in the face of an officer.

Clement was transported to Central Booking to face arraignment on the following charges;

  • Resisting Arrest
  • Public Drunkenness
  • Disorderly Conduct


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  • Ed L

    Boy! You want to let the world know just how stupid you get when you are drunk, this is a good example! Won't people ever learn!

  • GimmeABreak

    More evidence why if I had the authority… alcohol would be illegal and pot would be legal. Can't remember the last time I heard or saw someone who was high acting like this. High people say man or dude I'm so high a lot and eat a lot of Doritos, lol.

  • MyTakeOnIt

    With no mention of drunkenness or drug intoxication, you've got to be pretty far out there to do this in your own neighborhood, especially if you don't have any inkling that cops won't catch up with you someday later. In her 12 years as an adult, how could anyone ever think that doing something like this would not make the news as she is carted off to jail? And I guess this is the officer's fault so (s)he deserved to be spit on. If you're mad at the world, get a case of beer, some coke, heroin and pot and stay at home in a locked room and work it out that way.

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