Juice boxes filled with mold?! How you can protect your family

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NEW BERLIN (WITI) — You serve them to your children because they are quick and easy. Juice boxes or pouches are perfect for a family on the go, but a New Berlin family found more than just juice inside!

When the Hogue family sings together, they have to “sign” the words too.

Five-year-old Nathan Hogue is autistic.

“He can’t talk, so he had no way to tell me,” Nathan’s mother, Suzanne told FOX6′s Contact 6.

Something was wrong with Nathan’s juice box.

“I poked a hole in the juice box and I poured it into his cup for him to drink and poured half the juice box in and everything looked normal,” Suzanne Hogue said.

But everything wasn’t “normal.”

Hogue found mold inside her son’s juice box.

“It took up half of the juice box and at that point it was brown, black, green. I didn`t even know what I was looking at at first. I was so shocked when I opened it up. I had no idea what it was. It was so repulsive and it had an odor,” Hogue said.

Experts tell FOX6′s Contact 6 the mold growing inside Nathan Hogue’s juice box can happen to any food product if it is exposed to air.

So in this case, the box must have had a slight hole.

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