Report: James Franklin contacted alleged victim in Vanderbilt rape case

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Penn State coach James Franklin contacted an alleged rape victim while at Vanderbilt, according to the Nashville Tennessean newspaper.

The paper reported Tuesday that lawyers for defendant Brandon Vandenburg, one of four former Vanderbilt football players charged with rape, filed a motion saying that Franklin contacted the alleged victim while coaching at Vanderbilt.

The motion said that Franklin and Dwight Galt, Vanderbilt’s then-director of performance enhancement who joined Franklin at Penn State, contacted the victim during a medical examination after the alleged incident last June.

Franklin and Galt contacted the victim because “they cared about her because she assisted them with recruiting,” the paper reported. In addition, Franklin called the alleged victim “for a private meeting and told her he wanted her to get fifteen pretty girls together and form a team to assist” with recruiting, the paper reported.

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