Second Amendment Action Day Rally in Harrisburg

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Several hundred people gathered outside the capitol Tuesday to celebrate their gun rights for the ninth annual Second Amendment Action Day . They were joined by state lawmakers who discussed legislation that would broaden gun rights. Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R) , 12th district, discussed his proposed House Bill 357 known as the Right to Bear Arms Protection Act. The bill would make any new federal gun control laws unenforceable in Pennsylvania.

“ It would make sure if the Federal Government would create any future gun control laws that our Pennsylvania law would stand up against that effort and stop them from doing so, “ says Metcalfe

Heading God’s Call, an interfaith organization focused on ending gun violence , says while they’re not against the Second Amendment they do want to see stricter gun laws.

“We feel common sense measures to limit the number of illegal guns are needed, “ says Ron Tilley, Heading God’s Call


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  • MyTakeOnIt

    Guns should be in every child's toy chest because it is their God-given right, which of course supersedes the Constitutions of any nation, state or municipality. Guns should be sold at every convenience store and in vending machines because that's what we want. It would merchandise best beside the beer and Whiskeys. Mattresses should be created which has a gun holder in them so we can take them to bed and I think there is a market for a shotgun rack to be mounted onto the back of the front door. Holsters that connect to driver doors of vehicles should be considered by the Big 3 and don't forget that wee need a place to put our guns in the bathroom when we are sitting on the toilet because it is kind of awkward to have your holster between your knees and ankles. My pastor has a "blessing of the guns" with every Sunday service. My wedding picture shows us both holding our pistols and locking arms in an embracing kiss at the moment we were pronounced Man and Wife.
    When are we going to see a motion for the Second Amendment to be moved to the First. It needs to be first.

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