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Family claims their dog was kept alive after planned euthanization and used for blood transfusions

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Credit: WFAA

(WGHP) FORT WORTH, Texas — A family in Texas has accused their veterinarian of keeping their dog alive to perform blood transfusions months after his planned euthanization, according to multiple media reports.

The family alleges a veterinarian at the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic kept Sid, their four-year-old Leonberger, alive for six months after his planned euthanization.

Sid’s owner, Marian Harris, told KTVT she gave Dr. Lou Tierce permission to put Sid down last October due to health problems.

Harris and her husband said they went to the clinic where they found Sid living in a cage in the back room.Last week, Harris received a phone call from a former employee of the animal clinic who claimed Sid was still alive and imprisoned in a cage.

“The betrayal is so incredibly intense that nothing you have prepares you for the emotions,” Haris told KTVT. “There’s anger, there’s joy that you have your dog back, there’s betrayal of this intense trust. And so it’s just really hard to camp on one particular emotion.”

Harris said Sid was able to walk and jump in the back of the family’s minivan. They immediately took him to another clinic, where a veterinarian told them he did not need to be euthanized.

“Our assumption was at that point he was going to be euthanized within 24 hours. And six months later I get a call from Mary that he’s still alive and he’s walking,” she toldWFAA.

Sid is now home with the Harris family.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting the clinic was raided on Tuesday. The veterinarian has not publicly addressed the claims.

Sources: KTVT and WFAA


  • MyTakeOnIt

    Absolutely horrid.

    The most comforting thing you can do for your pet is to hold them as they are euthanized, no matter how hard it is for YOU.

    I learned a lot recently about veterinarians. They can be cold on the inside despite what you see.

  • Ed L

    Beware York! There are Vets in your area who will do that. I have experienced it. IF there is any doubt in the diagnosis, consult a second Vet.

  • Kerri

    Okay first, I have to agree with the "last" lady…almost like a child – pet or not, I could not imagine what that poor dog was gone through; first presumably well taken care of then treated like this! Wonder if there's a way to work with dog's feelings, I sure hope so! Second, the "former employee" might be a savior but she is not a hero – think about it, she had to be a former employee (6 months later) before she contacted them – so you're telling me she just learned about the dog just as she got fired? NOT – not feeling anything for her – not a hero to me, she was doing what she should have done from minute one!!!

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