How to protect your home from flooding

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When you’re faced with an absolute downpour there are ways to protect your home so you don’t end up with water in the basement.

Water covered roadways on Wednesday from the steady rain, and residents in a neighborhood on the Conewago Creek that often floods say they prepared by picking everything up off their floors.

“Anything of value because you can’t replace that stuff,” says resident Robin Dennis.

Experts say you should check over your walls and foundation for any cracks.

“You’d want to check for any moisture coming through and condensation coming through, if there’s any large cracks in the walls you can actually fill them with what’s called hydraulic cement,” says Patrick Doxzen, plumbing expert at Home Depot in on East Market Street in Springettsbury Township, York County.

Doxzen also says you can paint the basement walls with waterproof sealants. And check gutters; many are full of debris after the winter and send water pouring down towards your basement.

“A lot of times that water that comes right off the roof can just seep into the basement from that location,” he says.

A splash block can help divert water away from the house. And if the worst happens and you see flooding, a utility pump is good to have on hand.

“This can move about 1400 gallons an hour,” Doxzen notes.