Fund set up for family of Franklin Regional stabbing suspect

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16-year-old Alex Hribal

By, Heather Warner

Often times, when a community suffers from a tragedy, stories about the community pulling together follow. That’s the case in Murrysville, just outside of Pittsburgh, where a teen recently went on a stabbing rampage at Franklin Regional High School.

There’s been an outpouring of support there for the families involved, and most recently, there’s an effort underway to help the family of the suspect, Alex Hribal.

A Lutheran church in the area has set up a fund for the family, and the money raised can be used by the Hribals, any way the family sees fit. The pastor of the church says she often wonders in events like this, what happens to the families of the perpetrators after the media frenzy dies down.

She says she realizes some will be critical of the ” We are Franklin Regional Fund”– but that so far, community reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. What do you think of the fund to help the family of the teen who stabbed 21 people back in April?

To read more, or to donate to the “We are FR Fund,” ¬†click here.