Gov. Corbett to announce $6.5 million in school safety grants

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gov corbettGov. Tom Corbett will be at McCaskey East High School Tuesday morning in Lancaster.

He’ll be announcing $6.5 million in grant awards for school police officers and resource officers.

Republican State Senator Joe Scarnati will be one of several officials joining the governor for the announcement.

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  • M. Hoffman

    Must be a election year ,any other time he is screwing pa and the entire sshool system,while giving a free ride to big business's and the gas and oil companies drilling in pa.And trying to sell off or out source government programs to accross the pond"ocean" to foreign companies not our own people ..Wise up people he is a pompious jerk and does not care about the average working people,you would have to be blind not to see it…Think this time around when you vote !!!!

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