High school girl accused of giving ‘semen-laced’ cupcakes to bullies

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Colourful Cupcakes

A teenaged girl cooked cupcakes (not shown) with an unusual set of ingredients. Bodily fluids were not used in the recipe though. (Image: Stock photo)

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – Semen was not an ingredient for these cupcakes, made for a teenager’s tormentors as part of a plot for revenge. 

Police and the health department launched an investigation Thursday after a 10th-grade student at Centennial High School told 23ABC that a fellow student put pubic hair, semen, expired food and pills into cupcakes she handed out to students who were picking on her.

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    I don't think this is going to help her problem out.

    Certainly brings to light the fact that we really do not know what we are eating at bake sales and potlucks. People who are drug tested for one reason or another will get surprised when they find out there was pot in the brownies they got in Colorado. People with severe food allergies simply love the challenge of secret ingredients that really isn't expected, like having a severe reaction to blueberries and finding out Mary's Strawberry Shortcake contains some blueberry juice. Or a beef allergy and the homemade Vegetable Soup is made with beef broth.

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