Virginia proposal would limit size of gatherings at private homes

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By, Heather Warner

It’s Superbowl Sunday and your favorite team is playing, but you can’t have a party at your house, because your county has banned large gatherings at all neighborhood homes. Can you imagine that being the case? It could happen in Virginia’s most populated county.

Fairfax County officials are proposing a zoning ordinance which would ban large large and frequent gatherings at homes. What constitutes large–any gathering of more than 50 people.

Under this proposed ordinance, a homeowner would be in violation if they had more than three gatherings of more than fifty people in any forty day period.  Apparently this is all the result of several complaints that some county residents are disrupting their neighborhoods with huge and frequent parties.

What do you think of this proposed ordinance? Should homeowners have limitations on the size and number of gatherings at their homes?


  • Annette

    Absolutely no. Government has too much control now. Telling us which light bulbs we can use, the number of people to entertain, etc. And all the while we keep paying taxes on things we as American citizens can not use! Unreal that our government already has that much control. So Obama can’t have his big parties, Right? Oh, no that is just foe American citizens to abode by government rulings!

  • Ron

    We don't need more laws like this,if the gathering is out of control or too loud according to a noise ordenence is one thing,but who can afford to have more than 3 partys in 40 days anyway?

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