Gun seized from first grader at Jackson Elementary School

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Jackson Elementary was on lock down Tuesday after a first grade student carried an unloaded gun to school in his backpack , according to York City School District administrators.

In a letter to parents, Principal Sue Moyer said the school police officer, York City Police and Jackson Elementary officials were notified of the situation during breakfast in the cafeteria.

A student notified a teacher after finding a gun lying on the floor of the cafeteria. The firearm was seized and taken to school police officers who contacted York City Police.

The school was placed on lock down for 90 minutes while police investigated the incident. No students or staff were injured.

“The health and safety of your children is paramount to us as a school district,” Moyer wrote in the letter. “The students and staff were extremely cooperative in working through its difficult situation.”

It remains unclear if the student will face any disciplinary action or how the student go the gun.