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Man arrested after he threatened children with a gun in Newberry Township

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Satterfield Mug

A Newberry Township man is being accused of threatening children with a gun at a trailer park.

According to charging documents, 55-year-old Gregory Satterfield was arrested Monday and is being charged with possession of a firearm when prohibited, simple assault, and making terroristic threats that cause a serious public inconvenience.

Sgt. Richard Rocco said in the charging documents, that just after 4:00 p.m. he arrived at Miller’s Skyview mobile home park, located on Ridge Road in Newberry Township, and could hear Satterfield yelling from behind a nearby trailer.

When the officer approached Satterfield, he was yelling something about the kids in the neighborhood and holding a gun inside a black holster. The officer told Satterfield to drop the gun, and immediately took him into custody.

Sgt. Rocco recovered the .44 caliber black powder pistol and found that the gun’s cylinder was loaded with black powder and balls, but did not have firing caps.

Satterfield told the officer he was upset that the kids were throwing rocks at his vehicle. When asked to show the officer the damage, none was located. He then told the officer that the kids were too close to his car and he chased them down the road.

No one was injured during the incident. Several witnesses that live in the trailer park did tell Sgt. Rocco that they did hear Satterfield yelling and threaten the children several times.

Charging documents state that Satterfield is not allowed to possess a firearm due of two prior convictions, one from 1987 and one from 1997.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 16.