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Police seek men in “distraction” theft ring

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West York Borough Police are on the lookout for three men wanted for their involvement in a multi-state commercial distraction theft ring. The trio were charged in April 2013 for their roles in two separate distraction thefts in the borough.

The first took place on December 28, 2012 at the Giant Foods Store, in the 1200 block of West Market Street. Once suspect distracted a clerk, another acted as a lookout while the third broke into the store office and took cash.

The second incident happened on April 28, 2012 at Smokers Outlet, in the 1600 block of West Street.  Two suspects distracted the clerk, while two more acted as lookouts and a another entered the office, removed a safe and a large sum of cash from the store.

After an extensive investigation, several of the suspects were identified and charged. Borough police also identified at least 8 people that have been in the group, that have committed several similiar style thefts throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virgina, and West Virginia all within the last eight years.

Borough arrested and charged Ondray Gwynn, 54, Stanley Gwynn, 44 and Nathan Cockrell, Jr., 54, all of Baltimore. Ondray Gwynn was recently extradited to Pennsylvania and was released after posting $15,000 bail. He failed to appear for his preliminary hearing on April 23.  Police are still looking for Stanley Gwynn and Nathan Cockrell, Jr.


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    In the last paragraph, it states that two of the men were arrested and then goes on to say police are looking for them.

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