Police look for a suspicious man/vehicle in Mechanicsburg

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suspicious activity

The Mechanicsburg Police Department is attempting to identify a male operator of a vehicle after police say he was involved in suspicious activity.

On May 10, around 1:21 p.m. police were called to an area in the 300 block of East Portland Street in regards to a man in a vehicle stopping and speaking with children that were playing in the yard. Police say the man allegedly got out of his vehicle and began having a conversation with the children and an adult.

According to police, the man showed pictures of his “grandchildren” and told the children that he “loved” kids. Police say he allegedly approached one of the children and began “tickling” the child. The man then got back into his vehicle and left the area.

Police are describing the man as being in his seventies, with white/gray hair and a short white beard. He was wearing a baseball hat, a beige/yellow t-shirt and blue pants. Police say he also had a Boston Red Sox visor with a “crazy” red wig in his vehicle which he showed the children.

Anyone with information as to the identity of the male is asked to contact the Police Department at 717-691-3300 or anonymous tips can be submitted to the website or by calling 717-691-3309.


  • Story Girl

    Yesterday was flooded with similar comments. God help the elderly if thats the case. I understand if he was pure living back in his day when people did that without second thought. They could have called the police and stated that portion of it than making him out to be a criminal hunted down like an animal.

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