Young bicyclists learn the rules of the road

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Youngsters in Dauphin County took their bikes for a spin on Saturday with police officers.
The Swatara Township Police Department held its 3rd Annual Children’s Bicycle Rodeo.
Kids between the ages of five & 12 learned the proper way to ride their bikes and wear their helmets.
They were also taught the rules of the road, like hand signals and road signs.
Cpl. Brandon Pokrop, with the police department says, “A lot of kids, they’re shown how to ride a bike but they’re maybe not necessarily aware of what the rules of the road are or what laws they actually are required to obey while they’re out riding.”
“With so many vehicles and things on the road, and even driveways, cars backing out of driveways; you hear stories about kids getting hit, people don’t know they’re there, so it’s good to get the kids to watch for their own safety too,” says Sharon Fortney, who took her grandson to the bicycle rodeo.
The youngsters were taught a variety of safety techniques and also went on a group ride with the bicycle officers.