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Honoring fallen police officers in Lebanon County

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Law Enforcement officers who died in the line of duty in Lebanon County were honored Tuesday.  The memorial service was held at the Lebanon City Police Department.
Karen Wise, of North Cornwall Township, lost her son, Michael, 10 years ago in the line of duty.  Michael served with the Reading Police Department.  She said her son was always ready to help others.

Karen says, “He was a paramedic before a policeman, he was in the ambulance service, he followed his dad who did all that.  He was a guy that could mediate, he was funny and just a great guy.”

Chief Daniel Wright says, “It’s important to honor these officers because of the job they do.  The unseen job they do protecting the community, making sure we go about our daily lives safe and a reminder on how important the job is.”

Wright says this annual service started around 10 years ago in Lebanon County.