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Manchester Township board members considering cell phone tower at Cousler Park

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Manchester Township board members are considering a proposal to put a cell phone tower at Cousler Park in York County.

“In September Verizon representatives reached out to the township for consideration of a proposed cell tower. Apparently it’s a need data-wise for Verizon,” said Township Manager Tim James.

Still just a proposal, if approved the tower is expected to encompass a 30 by 50 foot square area. “It is a 180 foot mono pole, a single pole,” said James. “It will be fenced, with landscaping around that fenced area.”

James said Verizon would pay the township around $20,000 a year. The money would go to the township recreation fund. “Whether it goes or not is one thing, but you’re looking at $20,000, on a recreation budget of $34,000 total. So obviously it would be helpful, no question about it,” said James.

The park was donated by Morgan Cousler in the mid 70s. Then 50-acres, it has now grown to 105-acres and includes playgrounds, basketball courts, baseball fields, walking trails and more.

“It’s such an asset to the township residents and surrounding residents there is now question about it, we are blessed to have it,” said James.

James said the tower would most likely go near an existing power line. “We have a power line that bisects the park, it would be near those power lines. In the realm of field four, one of our baseball fields, which is not used for anything at this point in time.”

James plans to meet with Verizon Representatives to look at other possible locations before any decisions are made. “Look at some alternate locations within the Verizon site and bring that information back to the board; see if there are additional sites that may be more advantageous, less invasive,” said James.

James said the board could make a decision at their next meeting in June but he is not certain.

Verizon Wireless Statement
“Our goal is to stay ahead of demand for our wireless communications service to ensure that our customers have a  reliable experience when they use their devices. This includes consistently evaluating coverage gaps and usage patterns on our network and, where necessary, enhancing it to improve coverage and capacity in a given area. We’ve identified Cousler Park as an area where we need to add a cell site that will enable visitors to the park and surrounding area to talk, text, e-mail, tweet, and do all the things that today’s consumers love to do with their wireless devices.”

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  • MyTakeOnIt

    While I am sure that people go to a park, "to talk, text, e-mail, tweet, and do all the things that today’s consumers love to do with their wireless devices," a beautiful cell tower in the midst of a park for twice the rent of an apartment doesn't scale properly. I guess it will in due time as a flat amount that does not have provision to increase with inflation. The $34k budget need will increase though. It's a tradeoff made very appealing by today's $ amount. The cell bills for 20-25 people will completely go toward rent for this tower each month.

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