SCARY-looking Fish from Deep Sea Washes Up on North Carolina Shore

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A Lancetfish was found Monday in Nags Head on a beach south of Jennette’s Pier. (Photographer: Leif Rasmussen via Daryl Law)

NAGS HEAD, North Carolina – This rare fish washed up on the shore late Monday. It’s called a Lancetfish and is only found in the deep sea. 

The erie-looking-fish has a large mouth with sharp teeth, and grows up to 6.6 feet long.


Photographer: Leif Rasmussen via Daryl Law

Little is known about their physical make up.

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A November 2006 photo of a Lancetfish (Credit: NOAA)

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  • Mike

    It looks like a Snake Head fish. They came from China, they were first seen in a pond in Crofton Maryland. They have the ability to swim in water AND walk on land. They are now in the Potomac River and beyond. They are carnivorous and do bite.

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