Nanny caught on camera assaulting toddler

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A UK couple that set up a nanny cam got a horrifying surprise when they watched the video. Rowena and Jack Churchland watched as their 18-month-old son Olly was assaulted by his nanny. The nanny had been employed by the family for 15 months before they decided to set up a camera. Rowena’s mother had told her daughter that she had a bad feeling about the nanny and that she appeared to act differently when she thought no one was watching. The video below is what was captured the first day she was filmed. The woman can be seen throwing the boy and smacking him on the back side when he wont go down for a nap. The footage was turned over to police and the woman was arrested and charged with cruelty to a person under 16 years. She was found not guilty, but the couple has requested a review of her case.

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