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UPDATE: Two cats dead, monkey still missing after fire destroys exotic animal rescue

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During the early morning hours of Saturday, a fire ripped through Scott Murray’s apartment, which is on the second floor of The East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue in Fairfield.

Murray’s pit bull mix Sadie, who he rescued just a few months ago, knew something was terribly wrong.

“Sadie just sensed something was wrong, started jumping on them, carrying on, acting very uncharacteristic of who she is,” said Melissa Bishop, a volunteer at the rescue. “Scott got up and as soon as he opened up the door, he just saw a wall of fire,” she said.

Murray said he then knocked out a window and climbed through it with his three dogs and fiancé, Shaleigh. They then jumped from the roof to the backyard.
Just one floor below, dozens of animals, including 28 birds and three monkeys were trapped inside.

“When I came up the hrescue fireill, the entire place was just an inferno; there was fire everywhere,” Bishop added.

Most of the animals were able to be rescued; however two cats did not survive.  The rescue’s beloved monkey, Bug, is still missing.

“We just love him to death and nothing else matters,” Bishop said.  “As much as we’ve lost, we just need him.  That’s all that matters.’

As Murray and the rescue volunteers struggle to pick up the pieces, they say they’re grateful to be alive, thanks to Sadie.

“She saved my life,” Murray said.

“He rescued that dog and that dog rescued us,” Bishop added.

For more information on how you can help the animals of The East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue, visit their website.