Tom Wolf wins Democratic nomination for Governor

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“I feel like the luckiest man on Earth,” says Tom Wolf in his victory speech at Santander Stadium.

He arrived in his Jeep Wrangler, featured in his commercials, and spoke in front of a huge American flag.

The campaign announced over the loudspeakers that Wolf was declared the winner and hour and fifteen minutes after polls closed.

People started celebrating here long before that. The doors opened at 8 and they’ve waved their signs and cheered. Wolf thanked them.

“You have made me feel so welcome,” he says. “You have supported me,  you have encouraged me, you have sustained me through this.”

Wolf is a York county businessman and former state revenue secretary. Polling significantly ahead of his opponents after a $10 million ad campaign, Wolf said Tuesday he believes voters supported him not just because of his experience – but personally – because he’s from a small town in York County.

Many voters cited education as their reason for choosing Wolf.

“This is a good time, he cares about kids, children, education and he’s going to take everyone in a new direction,” says Harrisburg voter Scott Cooper.

“We can show a better future. we can show a future where we’re not hollowing out our schools, we’re investing in education,” says Wolf.