Harrisburg veteran gets a new wheelchair

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A FOX43 viewer donated a wheelchair to injured Harrisburg veteran Nathan Kump, after Kump crashed in his broken wheelchair on Monday.

Kump says his wheelchair had been broken since December, and he tried to ask the V.A. To repair or replace it. But it didn’t happen.

After his story aired, viewers deluged FOX43 and Harrisburg Hospital with calls and emails asking to help.

Tom McCutcheon of Camp Hill brought the chair to Harrisburg Hospital where Kump was being treated.

“I saw the news last night and the interview,” says McCutcheon, “And I got up this morning and called the hospital first thing.”

Kump also received a call from the V.A. on Thursday morning. He will go to the Lebanon V.A. on Monday to be fitted for a custom wheelchair which he will get in a few weeks.

He is thankful to McCutcheon and all those who showed support.

“It’s nice to know that people are still appreciative of veterans,” he says. “It’s a good feeling .”

Harrisburg veteran Nathan Kump in his new wheelchair

Harrisburg veteran Nathan Kump in his new wheelchair


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